Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Web 2.0 for Dev

WEB 2.0 -Learning Opportunity

I Discovered....
WEB 2.0 application tools offer the wide possibilities of getting information from a number of sources in a single application. Hence, i may use it for getting information on specific topics related to agriculture for instance and keeping updated with latest news in this field.

I Noticed......
WEB 2.0 is a very efficient tool for accessing to desired information in a shorter period of time. However, as all applications relying on internet connections, it may be a problem in case of connection break down and also it requires software that support WEB 2.0.

I Felt.....
WEB 2.0 will empower agricultural officers and stakeholders in bringing technological innovation which can eventually, for instance, replace conventional practices in dissemination of information to planters in the future who have access to internet and are computer literate.

I Learnt....
WEB 2.0 application tools such as advanced google search (specific keywords, blogging, Wikis, Skype (sheet sharing), google docs for storage and sharing of data.

I suggest....
More practical sessions.

More people in this sector to be trained on WEB 2.0 application tools to address problems facing the agricultural sector more quickly and efficiently.

I will...
Make optimum use of the WEB 2.0 application tools to enhance the implementation and delivery of extension activities (dessimination of information, sensitisation of planters etc..) by creating my own blog and wiki page and also interacting with planters and other stakeholders through VoIP.

My Personal Experience

The training course has been very enriching. An excellent working environment for learning WEB 2.0 with participants from various fields and great tutors.

I've learnt alot on WEB 2.0 application tools which i strongly believe will be of great help in my field of work.

Impact of Pesticides

The ongoing use of chemicals to control pests and weeds has a continued negative impact on animal life and humans, while pests and weeds continue to thrive.

Both pesticides and herbicides are designed to kill living organisms. Pesticides are used to eliminate plant-damaging bugs while the use of herbicides is directed at killing unwanted plants, such as weeds. Both of these products are available in chemical form, synthesized for commercial and consumer use.